Why Credit Repair Sucks.

Improving your credit score can be time-consuming, expensive and requires discipline. With our DIY credit repair program, we have streamlined the process, so start improving today.

If it were that easy, Credit Repair wouldn’t suck then. Right?

Have you seen the advertisement “Credit Repair We Guarantee it!”

Or have you spoken with a debt settlement company that charges you a setup fee and monthly service fees while leaving you at risk of being sued?

Have you worked with one of these companies and still ended up with bad credit?

And every month, no matter what, they are still taking your money?

Unfortunately, this is why credit repair really sucks…false advertisement and broken promises…

It Stops Now.

Make more informed decisions about your credit repair. Here are a few insider tips on what the credit bureaus and credit repair companies don’t want you to know:

  • Did you know credit bureaus make money off of selling consumers info? For example, once a car dealership or mortgage company runs your credit the credit bureaus sell your info.

  • To get out of hidden subscriptions the only way to get out is to literally opt out, however these companies never promote or tell you how to do that. They sell you name, address, and even your credit score.

  • Even if you work with a credit repair company and spend over thousand dollars on credit repair – there is no guarantee that you will get out of bad credit or be in a better position than when you started.

  • These credit repair companies provide no open tradelines to their clients and the consumers still don’t have any clue on how credit works – while still being charged monthly by the credit repair companies.

  • Every month no matter what, if you are behind on your bills or not getting results they charge you monthly.
  • Fix Your Credit
    With Credit Repair Sucks

    At Credit Repair Sucks, we expose all the deep inside secrets that the credit repair companies don’t want you to know.

    We’re not just all talk, and we aim to get our consumers that have bad credit active opportunities that help them buy a house, new cars, good interest rates, more financial security, and usually all within six months or less.

    Remember, you didn’t damage your credit overnight, and it’s not going to fix itself overnight. Like anything good, it’s going to take time, patience, and hard work.


    THIS SITE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE- Credit repair companies fail their clients everyday because they aren’t honest with their clients. CREDIT REPAIR OR CREDIT COACHING WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU ARE READY.

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