Why We Are in the Dark About Credit Repair?

Credit Repair companies are designed to keep the process overwhelming so that you commit to sign-up fees and high monthly subscriptions.

Until Now, Credit Repair Sucks program will simplify the process so you can be responsible for your financial freedom.

You have the power to take control of your financies and take back your life. Once you fix your credit, you can make the credit work for you.


Chris Wisniewski, Voted Number One Credit Coach

Founder and MD of SelectUs, Chris launched an individualized solutions to credit repair. 

With over 30 years of experience as a credit repair coach, Chris was able to fix the problems he saw with other credit repair companies and develop the Select US credit coaching program.

Now Chris wants to make credit repair affordable to everyone.  Launching Credit repair sucks, a DIY credit repair company that provides affordable programs to improve your credit scores. 

Poor Credit Scores

We all know that bad credit can hurt you financially, but what most people don’t know, or don’t understand is how to fix bad credit once it occurs.

It’s not something that they teach in school and when you look to get help, the credit repair companies aren’t interested in teaching you either. They aren’t interested in your financial freedom, they are more interested in making money with no results.

Our Commitment

Here at Credit Repair Sucks we give you all the tools necessary to fix your credit by yourself. We also teach you the ins and outs of the industry, because Let’s face it:

who is going to care more about your credit? Companies that are charging you every month – or you?

Who Are We?
Credit Repair for the future.

Credit Repair Sucks is more than just a book, it is a system that provides the support, and educational tools that you need. Here at Credit Repair Sucks, our focus is YOU and your needs.

Unlike other companies who only care about their best interest and not the consumer, we teach you to get your credit in shape for the future!

Three Step Solution .

There’s no reason to let yourself be stuck by that 3 digit number called a credit score.

Credit Repair Sucks focuses on a three-step solution where YOU:

1. Build Your Credit

2. Clean Up Your Credit

3. Stop the bleeding

Credit to me is security, its a lifeline.

Credit Repair Sucks, we offer no broken promises—just facts. We see and understand your pain and we want to help.

This program will teach you everything you would need to know not just to repair your credit, but how to build credit correctly.

Let Credit Repair Sucks guide you to financial freedom and take your life back!


THIS SITE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE- Credit repair companies fail their clients everyday because they aren’t honest with their clients. CREDIT REPAIR OR CREDIT COACHING WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU ARE READY.

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